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Art is at the core of our culture.

"Change" by Walter Nygard

"Change" by Walter Nygard

This year on Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18, we will mark the 12th anniversary of this annual event with a look to the past and make it relevant to the present.  The inspiration for the ART WALK theme is taken from the music world.  Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “...for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

‘The times they are a-changing’  is a fitting theme for this 2017 event.

Change occurs throughout our lives. Whether negative or positive, it acts as a catalyst to our growth and ART is a perfect medium for expressing this change.

In this much anticipated (juried) event in Nyack, the artists are required to be present in various participating shops, all weekend, to meet, discuss and sell their art.

This year we honor our Veterans and chose a most amazing piece by Walt Nygard, former Corporal United States Marine Corps, and a member of Combat Paper NJ, to represent the event.  Nygard’s work is a linocut printed and enhanced on paper made from deconstructed fibers of uniforms beaten into pulp, and dried to create handmade paper.

"Traveling Wall of Hope" by Scott Fine

"Traveling Wall of Hope" by Scott Fine


An interactive piece will debut in Veterans Park on Main St. The “Traveling Wall of Hope” is the creation of artist Scott Fine.  Step up, write your wish, hope or dream, roll up the colored paper and place it in the wall for posterity.

Stroll through the Village and discover all our wonderful shops, great restaurants, bakeries, art and the culture that Nyack, art & soul, on the Hudson, has to offer.

ART WALK is sponsored by Rivertown Film, a 501C3 organization promoting art through film.

For further information contact: Paulette Ross at or call 845-348-1767.

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CALLING ALL ARTISTSwe have officially started accepting submissions for the 12th annual ART WALK 2017. The event offers an experience to meet Artists, enjoy the restaurants and boutiques of Nyack while leisurely strolling down the streets of our Village. 

ART WALK 2017 takes place Fri. June 16 through Sun. June 18.  This year we will look to the past and make it relevant to the present.  The inspiration for this year’s theme is taken from the music world.  Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “…for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”


“The times they are a-changing” is a fitting theme for the 2017 event.

We all experience some form of change throughout our lives.  Sometimes it is a difficult or negative change, but more than not change becomes a catalyst to growth and the positive.  Art is a perfect medium for expressing change.

As Artists, you are required to create one (1) piece relating to the theme, and the poster will be selected from these submissions.  Change occurs around you constantly whether through metamorphosis (caterpillar into butterfly), evolution (infant into adult), or simply water into ice, land lines into cell phones, and the list goes on.

So, feel free to take full advantage of artistic license and create something fabulous that speaks to this theme!  The deadline for this submission is no later than March 10th. You must send a jpg of this piece, or the work in progress.  Please adhere to the deadline as the poster and all the publicity around ART WALK 2017 depends on this piece.  Lead times for ads, printing, etc are tight so if you want to be considered, you must send in your work on time. For Artist Guidelines and contract please email

The rest of your work need not relate to the theme.  In addition, please submit 3-5 jpgs of works you would like to exhibit along with descriptions, medium used, sizes and prices.  This is a juried event.  I will help you edit and/or price your collection once you have been selected.  All submissions must be sent to me, Paulette Ross, via email to: . If necessary you may be asked to bring some pieces in person.  If you are selected to participate in ART WALK 2017, note that your Venue will be chosen for you.  Yes, there is a method to the madness!!

You will receive updates with notices of any special events within ART WALK 2017, publicity pieces and files for you to promote the event, as well as posters and brochures for you to distribute outside of Nyack.

So…go create, submit and good luck!  Any questions-email or call 845-348-1767

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"Broken Glass with Butter Knife"

"Broken Glass with Butter Knife"

"Thru The Looking Glass" is p.ross boutique's April exhibit of still life paintings by artist Deborah Holcombe.  Her studio, a "decrepit drafty, carpet mill factory", in Yonkers is where the magic happens.  These recent works focus on the distortion of objects due to the refraction of light through glass.             

DONNA DAVIES TIMM - "A New York Winter Through My Eyes"
Manipulating A World of Threads & Fabrics
November 26th, 2016  - January 3rd, 2017

"My First Winter, December 1992 ... In the depths of a New York winter I was in love and smitten with the unbounding beauty of a snow and ice!  Within my world of threads and fabrics I manipulate and persuade colours, shades and textures into organic depictions of landscapes and natural
wonders."...Donna Davies Timm


Artistic Photographer, Sona Viola - "Let There Be Music"                   October 22nd-November 20th 2016

"Each piece is printed on either steel, brass or aluminum to further create the feeling of raw emotion that music evokes in us all."...Sona Viola

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p.ross boutique owner Paulette Ross created, and continues to produce "ART WALK".

This annual, juried event turns shops into mini art galleries with the artists in residence exhibiting and selling their work for an entire weekend. It has been a staple in the Village of Nyack for over a decade.  (Picture to the right is the 10th year commemorative poster)

Stroll down the streets of the Village—shop, dine, have a cocktail, and enjoy the culture in Nyack, Art & Soul on the Hudson.

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